On-site installation services

As a growing company the EXPANSION Joint industry, REPL can also provide on site services comparable to American or European vendors. Our service group consists of highly qualified technicians and engineers specialised in solving Expansion Joint installation and applicaion problems


Plant Surveys and Emergency Breakdown Prevention

Preventing break down before if occurs is one of our specialities . Our engineers are dedicated to identify, Prevent and solve problems on-site . Our site people undertake inspection of existing Expansion joints and identify tell-tale signs. We provide the inspection reports with comments on the actual condition of units together with any recommendations for improvements, repairs or remedial actions including planning for replacement.

REPL can assist you to avoid an unplanned emergency breakdown due to Expansion Joints.


CLAMSHELL Technology

Installation of Metallic Expansion Joints in particular "CLAMSHELL" repair bellows requires skilled and experienced installation staff. Often clients prefer that the manufacturer carries out such installation work to avoid errors and focus responsibility on a single source vendor. Our site team of skilled welders can carry out such work. The team is experienced and familiar with site work including working confined spaces by complying with site saftey procedures.

Refurbish & Repair Existing Expansion Joints

REPL can offer customers to bring existing Expansion Joints back to an "as-new" conditions by refurbishing and replacing the existing bellows elements with new one.

This practice allows a huge saving by reusing most components of the existing bellows.

It is often used as a fast solution to get the plant back online quickly when a bellowss element in an Expansion Joint has reached its fatigue life.