Manufacturing Capabilites

RATNAFLEX Engineering Private Limited occupies a large manufacturing facility of 14,000 m² total area and 10,000 m² built-up area located in Indrad – Chhatral in the state of Gujarat–INDIA.

Our facility is divided in two large production bays each equipped with two numbers of E.O.T cranes. The production bays are segregated for Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel fabrication.

The Bellows forming plant equipped with Hydroforming, Punch forming, C frame press, Rolling machine, own machine shop and a state of art Longitudinal Seam Welder.

The ability of manufacturing majority of components in-house provides maximum quality control and minimum production time.

Size : Circular : 50 mm (minimum) to 7000 mm (maximum)
  Rectangular : Any Size (no limit)
Pressure Range : Full Vacuum / 100 bar (g)
Temperature Range : Cryogenic -195ºC upto High Temperature 1200ºC
Test Pressure : Vacuum/400 bar (g)
Cleanroom Facility : Exotic Material Welding (Titanium – Bellows)
Construction : Hot Walled (without refractory) with floating
Hardware : Cold Walled (with refractory)
Materials :
  • Stainless Steel-Type 300 Austenitic Series
  • Nickel 200 (ASTM B162-200)
  • Alloy 400 (ASTM B127-400)
  • Alloy 600 (ASTM B168-600)
  • Alloy 625 Gr.1 (ASTM B443-625)
  • Alloy 625 LCF (ASTM B443-625 LCF)
  • Alloy 800 (ASTM B409-800)
  • Alloy 825 (ASTM B424-825)
  • Hastelloy (C22 & C276)
  • Titanium (ASTM Gr.2)

Engnineering Capabilities

REPL engineers uses the latest design software to provide the quickest proposal turnaround and the most efficient use of space and materials. The Expansion Joint design is achieved by a combination of practical experience and technical knowledge backed up severval software programs (ETMA & ASME).

Finite Element Analysis and Pipe Stress Analysis software are used to simulate the load and resulting stresses that may occur in a design system.

These computer programs help pre-determine engineering design specifications to meet load/stress requirements.

REPL can provide units, design, fabricated and tested in accordance to standard codes.

Design & fabrication Code - Thin Walled

Expansion Joint Manufacturer Association (EJMA - Latest Edition).
Process Piping Design,
ASME 31.3,
ASME Section VIII Divition 1- Appendix26
DIN EN 14917

Design & fabrication Code - Thick Walled

ASME Section VIII Division 1 - Appendix5
Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association (TEMA)

Flexible Solutions

To assist customers, we select the most optimum Expansion Joints for both critical and non-critical application. We can offer application engineering, and complete stress analysis of piping to ascetain a full proof system.

Testing & Inspection

RATNAFLEX Engineering Private Limited is dedicated to provide quality products and service with a complete guarantee. With one of the most comprehensive quality assurance programs in the industry, our products are inspected and evaluated extensively through each stage of production.

We are capable of performing following of Non-Destructive testing:

  • Liquid Penetration
  • Radiography
  • Ultrasound
  • Positive material identification (PMI)
  • Mass Spectrometer
  • Helium leak detection
  • Magnetic Particle
  • Hydrostatic
  • Pneumatic
  • Ferrite Count
  • Bellows Movement Test
  • Bellows Spring Rate Test

We are capable of performing following destructive testing:

  • Bellows Fatigue Life Test
  • Bellows Squirm Test
  • Bellows Meridional Yield – Rupture Test
Our inspectors are certified to ASNT-TC-1A with level II and our group inspectors are certified to ASNT-TC-1A with level III